4 DIY ideas for empty wine bottles


What’s better than enjoying a relaxing drink with friends to unwind after a long day? Making lots of cool crap from the empty bottles, that’s what. But if you think the fun is over once the bottle has run dry, think again.

I’m not personally much of a wine drinker (pass me some rum or a good whiskey, and it’s a different story), but whether you are or not, you do NOT want to miss out on these 4 DIY ideas for recycling wine bottles.

Wine Bottle Tiki Torch:

I first found out about this beautiful project from my friend Matt Embrey, mastermind of GreenUpgrader.

This DIY comes from Gerardot & Co. and will show you how to upcycle a wine bottle into a porch mounted tiki torch.

I agree with Matt, even though I haven’t yet tackled this DIY project, it may be my new favorite!

Wine Bottle Twinkle Light:

Even though I’m not much of a wine drinker, I must admit that sometimes the bottle design and/or the label alone makes me want to buy it.

Well that’s perfect if you’re going to use it for a beautiful accent light.

All you need to make these beautiful wine bottle lights are an empty wine bottle, a string of Christmas lights (preferably LED Christmas lights), and a drill. These are so easy to make and customize, that you may even have some luck selling them too. Who knows?

Drinking Glasses from Wine Bottles:

Running short on drinking glasses around the house? Why not tackle this project and make some nice drinking glasses from empty wine bottles?

You’re probably thinking that you’re out of luck on this project because you don’t have a glass cutter or a blow torch around the house, right?

Well did you know that all you need to cut a wine bottle is a tea light candle? Yeah, it’s explained in step 3 of this project.

Wine Bottle Flicker Lamp:

In this wine bottle project you’ll find out how to add a Spanish style or Pirate-esque flair to any room.

Cut off the bottom of the wine bottle (using the tea light method), build a basic wooden base, add a flicker light, drip the bottle in candle wax and voila!

This particular project could be further simplified by simply placing a few battery powered flickering candle lights ($3.95 at Amazon) under the wine bottle.

Going that route would make it an ultra portable accent and conversation piece!

Bonus DIY Wine Bottle Ideas…

You could also make your own chic hanging candles or use a bunch of wine corks as eco-friendly packing peanuts. What are some of your favorite wine bottle DIY ideas?

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