Awesome recycled Christmas gift ideas

Recycled chalkboard clock

Christmas is one of those times when it’s really easy to let cheap, toxic crap pile up. One great way to avoid that is to give some awesome gifts made from recycled items.

The Daily Green has a great list of 17 different awesome ideas for recycled gifts.

One of my favorites is this recycled chalkboard clock. The Daily Green says,

In a world of PowerPoint presentations and flat-screen TVs, it’s easy to wax nostalgic about the tactile experience of old-fashioned chalkboards (although it wasn’t much fun to clean the erasers!). Rekindle some of that charm with this reclaimed slate wall clock. The pieces are handmade in Wisconsin from used school chalkboards and reclaimed Douglas fir.

The blank face encourages you to scrawl notes for loved ones, or to simply doodle (without getting in trouble).

You can pick up one of these cool clocks from Uncommon Goods for $95.

Be sure to check out the rest of The Daily Green’s recycled gift ideas. What are some of your favorite green gifts to give this year?

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