Drink recipes to enjoy (or survive) the holidays

Blueberry gin in an ice cube shot glass

It’s Christmas Eve eve and that might mean you’re frantically scurrying about in attempt to finish off that Christmas shopping or plan for house full of friends and loved ones.

And it might also mean you’re in need of a drink…or five.

Whether you’re looking forward to a festive glass of eggnog or drinking games with your cousins, we’ve churned up lots of great eco-friendly ways to get your holiday drink on.

1. Homemade Blueberry Gin (pictured right)

This recipe is unbelievably simple. The ingredients: blueberries, gin, and sugar. Island Vittles says that this mix takes 2 weeks to steep…but we don’t have 2 weeks do we? We don’t even have 2 days.

Not a problem.

If you want to make this cocktail quick, fast, and in a hurry, just muddle the blueberries first. Problem solved.

Be sure to check out the organic gin mentioned below to make this recipe eco-friendlier. If you’d like to serve it in the shot glasses made of ice, as in the picture, pick up a silicon shot glass ice cube mold. You don’t have time to order the one from ThinkGeek, but sometimes home goods stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond carry them.

2. Winter Sangria

Robin Shreeves at MNN has a great recipe for a tasty winter sangria. She says,

I usually think of Sangria as a summer drink, but it can be served any time of year. CalNaturale sent me a Winter Sangria recipe, and I thought I’d share it with you. I reviewed CalNaturale’s wines a while back. CalNaturale makes organic wines packaged in Tetra-Paks that hold 1/3 more wine than the average glass bottle.

I liked their Cabernet Sauvignon, and so did my friends who drank it with me. If you’re looking for something different to serve during the holidays, the deep red of this Sangria will look pretty on your holiday table.

Check out the recipe at Mother Nature Network.

3. Organic Eggnog

This drink recipe is easy because you already know it. Simply take your favorite eggnog recipe and substitute your typical sugar, milk, and eggs for organic varieties instead. Whether you use rum, whiskey, or brandy in your eggnog, there are plenty of organic alcohol options for you to choose from.

So where do you find this tasty organic liquor?

Greenopolis has one of the best lists of organic liquor that I’ve ever seen. Now let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the local liquor store keeps that organic alcohol in stock.

Speaking of that…off to the liquor store. But in the meantime, what’s your favorite holiday drink?

[Photo: Island Vittles/Flickr]

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