Even a blizzard can’t stop Dutch cyclists

It takes more than a little snow to keep the Dutch off their bikes. Hell, for that matter, it takes more than a crap-load of snow to keep them off their bikes too.

Yesterday’s blizzard in the Netherlands put a serious kink in holiday travel, public transportation, personal transportation, and any other form of plausible transportation…

…except cycling.

Alicia at Cycling Without a Helmet (which isn’t a good idea, btw) says,

Although it is very beautiful… it was also very troublesome for many people returning home or going on holiday.

Flights were canceled, trains were delayed or canceled, public buses stopped running at times and transportation websites crashed. It was a mess…

Many people are spending the night at the airport, unable to leave even if they want to because of the public transportation problems.

Not so if you have a bicycle!

I hope some good folks in the Netherlands saw knew how to make their own winter cycling tires with a pack of zip ties…I’m sure it definitely would have helped the slippery conditions.

Have you ever gone for a bike ride in the snow? How did it work out for you?

[via my friend @ChrisBasking on Twitter]

Check out more photos from the Netherlands’ recent blizzard: Gallery not found. Please check your settings.

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