Light bulb-shaped candles that screw into sockets

light bulb candle

Everyone knows that CFL’s are ridiculously more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs, but sometimes their spectrum of light is just too harsh. Enter the Light Bulb Effect Candle.

This candle is made from regular wax, but shaped into that of a regular old incandescent bulb.

It is cleverly designed with a center cavity that burns straight down, keeping the walls of the candle in tact, which preserves the light bulb shape.


Instead of lighting the wick directly, the center cavity is sized to hold a standard tea light candle if you prefer.

Double genius.

The soft glow of this zero-watt light bulb would be incredibly soothing…just make sure you don’t screw it in to an overhead light socket.

Designers: Helbert Ferreira, Remi Melander of System Studio Design, via Yanko Design.

Check out more pics of the Light Bulb Effects Candle: Gallery not found. Please check your settings.

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