Living green is more than saving polar bears

Living Green

Living green isn’t hard…but big marketing companies would have you believe it is.

The entire reason Eco-Snobbery Sucks exists is to help people and companies see that every step DOES matter. You should never worry that you aren’t doing “enough”.

Enough sucks.

So what’s the best way to live green?

Are you ready for this? Go ahead and get your pencil out because I’m fixing to give you the secret formula to living the greenest life you possibly can.

Discover your passions.

What are you most passionate about in this world? I’m not just talking about in the “green” world. I’m not asking if you care most about clean water, energy efficiency, alternative energy, or endangered species. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all fine and good if those things are your life’s passions, but I’m saying they don’t have to be.

Take me for example. I write and work for a number of green websites, speak at conferences, and consult with companies on how they can green their operations, but I really couldn’t care less about alternative energy. It makes sense to me and I think we need to figure out a way to reduce and ultimately eliminate our dependency on fossil fuels, but that’s not what I’m most passionate about.

My personal passions are technology, nature, and health.

How does that translate into living green? I naturally try to find ways to green my life passions and interests. I tend to find ways to reduce my gadgets’ and electronics’ carbon footprint. I care about conservation and deforestation because I’m a fan of both clean air and the wilderness that I spend so much time in. I eat a well-rounded diet of veggies and animal proteins while avoiding and proactively counteracting toxins that I come in contact with on daily basis.

Those are the things that matter most to me.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

What are your life’s passions and how could you live greener through them?

Here’s a video I always show at conferences as an example of what living green is NOT:

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