Mighty Wallet keeps green in your back pocket

Eco-friendly Airmail Mighty Wallet

It’s 2 days after Christmas and your wallet is in one of two conditions…

1) So empty you can hear the echo of your sobs reverberate back from its depths, or 2) Busting at the seams from all of the cash you got for Christmas.

Which is it?

In either scenario, the Mighty Wallet will green your back pocket…whether you have money in it or not.

This wallet by Dynomighty is a clever piece of work in both form and in function. Here are some reasons why:

  • Made from highly recyclable HDPE
  • Incredibly light weight and minimized packaging result in low-energy production and small carbon footprint from shipping
  • Shipped with carbon offsets
  • Printed with SGS certified environmentally friendly inks
  • 1/8 of one inch thick (but expands to hold just about anything you could want to put in it
  • Impossible to tear and completely water resistant

The fact that the Mighty Wallet is HDPE, not leather, means that it is vegan friendly and doesn’t have the extra environmental impact of leather wallets. For example, it doesn’t need to be treated with harsh chemicals in the tanning process and doesn’t have the adverse environmental effects of massive herding.

Plus, It Looks Crazy Cool

All those specs are fine and good, but like I said above, what I really love to see in green products is a lovely marriage of form and function. The Mighty Wallet design is beautifully creative to begin with, but the 8 different designs you can choose from make this not just an eco-friendly wallet, but truly a stylish accessory that is sure to start a few conversations.

If you’re the crafty kind of person, the Mighty Wallet even comes in a blank DIY version for you to style on your own.

So go on, load all of that fresh Christmas money into a new Mighty Wallet. Fortunately it won’t set you back much of that money either. You can snag a Mighty Wallet for $15.

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