Old license plates turned rock star belt buckles

Recycled License Plate Belt Buckle

Hipsters. They try so hard to fit in to their sub-culture that is about individuality. Go figure.

Well hipster or not, salvaging old license plates and turning them into funky key chains and belt buckles is just brilliant. That’s exactly what Vintage in Retrospect does…and then she sells them on Etsy.

The creator behind Vintage in Retrospect says,

I love rejected things. I scour garage sales, thrift stores, and vintage racks. I rescue things from the side of the road. I look both ways before diving into dumpsters.

My license plate belt buckles are currently for sale at the Paint Creek Center for the Arts in downtown Rochester, Michigan.

Pair one of these belt buckles with your very own programmable LED umbrella and you may just earn yourself a picture in Wikipedia’s hipster entry.

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