Turning Old Bike Tires Into Chic Messenger Bags

Alchemy Goods Urban messenger bag

Alchemists have been searching for 1,000′s of years to find a way to turn lead into gold.

Alchemy Goods does a much simpler (and cooler) thing.

They collect worn out, punctured, and otherwise unusable bicycle tubes and turn them into crazy sexy wallets, belts, and bags.

At the time of this writing, Alchemy Goods says they have reclaimed over 150,000 inner tubes.

Alchemy Goods doesn’t just turn old bicycle tubes into beautiful accessories, they also upcycle old seatbelts and advertising banners.

I would put Alchemy Goods’ products in the high-end category, due only to the fact the majority of their recycled messenger and shoulder bags are in the $100+ price range.

But what does that price get you?

  • extra time taken to forage through dumps for materials to upcycle
  • every product is hand-made
  • preservation of unique stamps and markings present on upcycled materials
  • inspection of each and every bike tube, seatbelt, or ad banner used in production is done by human eyes and hands

There are plenty of companies today that are out to make a quick buck off of people who are trying to live greener…but Alchemy Goods isn’t one of them.

In addition to the impressive list above of why their products do warrant a higher price tag, Alchemy Goods also discloses the stitches 2 numbers in the corner of their logo on each item that represents what percent of that product was made with upcycled material.

Alchemy Goods products would make great green gifts for anyone on your Christmas list this year…and a cyclist would especially appreciate them.

Check out REI’s video about how Alchemy Goods production process works:

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