Upcycled seat belt buckle key holder

Buckle Up key holder from Yanko Design

Losing your keys suck. Everyone has a place they intend to put their keys when they come home, but I know I always seem to be hunting for where I left my keys.

How about you?

Maybe this clever upcycled seat belt key holder from Yanko Design can help solve this perpetual problem. Novel ideas like this always seem to make me actually want to use them.

This great key holder isn’t manufactured from virgin products simply for this purpose either. The seat belt buckles have actually come from discontinued cars. Yanko Design says,

Designer Thabto presents this ingenious little hook for home use. In addition to turning your key hanging into a routine the same way the buckle’s click turns car safety into an automatic gesture, this object is eco-friendly too. How? Each buckle is a discontinued or otherwise reconditioned piece of a real car, otherwise destined to be tossed in a trash pile, ruining our earth forever. Hooray for new directions!

Hooray indeed.

I think this would make an awesome DIY project, but if you’re not the crafty type, click into one for $24 at the Yanko Designer Store.

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