Vegetarian because I hate vegetables

Vegetarian because i hate vegetables t-shirt

I’m not a vegetarian. I experience abundant pleasure in the awesomeness that is animal protein.

Whether you’re a vegetarian, omnivore, or maybe even a cannibal-vore, you must admit that this is one of the most awesome t-shirts in existence.

I love to hear how people arrive at their food paradigms, but vegetarians have some of the most interesting answers.

Alexis Ohanian, the retired co-founder of Reddit turned Breadpig founder, thinks so too…hence this t-shirt. Alexis says,

While breadpig doesn’t care if you’re a vegetarian or not (though it’s much more comfortable when you’re not salivating or licking your lips) we thought we’d make this shirt for all the vegetarians of the world with a slightly twisted perspective on things.

And even if you do love meat, slaughtering (and consuming) vegetables is always a good idea.

I couldn’t agree more. I feel like a well-rounded diet is a necessity in life (but it’s ok if you don’t). Meat-eaters need veggies, and vegetarians need…protein. So regardless of where you come down on the omnivore’s dilemma, snag one of these snarky t-shirts for yourself (or a fun-loving vegetarian in your life) and sport it next time you’re at the farmer’s market.

Price: $19 at the Breadpig store.

Are you a vegetarian? An omnivore? A Himalayan hyena connoisseur? What inspired you to adopt that approach to food?

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