Base jumping from giant wind turbines [VIDEO]

Wind turbine base jumpingIf wind farms don’t end up panning out in terms of significant energy production, at least the giant turbines make great base jumping platforms.

Next week we’ll be starting a heated series that will pit our energy sources against each other. We’ll be asking hard questions like,

  • Is coal really all that evil (and can it ever be “clean”)?
  • Is nuclear power a viable clean energy source?
  • Can wind and solar power really meet our energy needs over the long-haul?

And no, we’re not going to toe the [green] party line when it comes to those discussions either.

We’ll explore each of those topics in open-minded Eco-Snobbery Sucks fashion, of course, but in the mean time take comfort that wind turbines are apparently multi-purpose.

Check out the video of these crazy, thrill-seeking, wind turbine base jumpers.

I love how my friend Michael Graham Richard at TreeHugger captioned this video, “XTreme Alternative Energy

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