GoodGuide adds pet food, tea, candy, & coffee ratings

GoodGuide new coffee tea candy pet food reviewsShopping for consumer products can be a tricky event if you care about buying products with the safest and greenest ingredients.

Enter GoodGuide.

GoodGuide is one of the most popular websites (and mobile apps) for reviewing toys, personal care, and household products. The 80,000+ products in their database are reviewed and rated based on a set of health, environmental, and social responsibility criteria.

GoodGuide just recently announced that they’re expanding their ratings and reviews to cover pet food, coffee, tea, and candy.

There are currently between 1,000 and 2,000 product ratings in each of the new categories at GoodGuide, so go find out if your favorite coffee is really the best.

GoodGuide doesn’t only help by showing you how good (or bad) your favorite products are for your health, the environment, etc, but also let you discover new and better products to consider.

And their product search feature is pleasantly robust.

You can filter your search of various teas, for example, to see only what is organic, vegan, low sugar, or any other option in the helpful list of criteria.

Check out my friend Shea Gunther’s post at to see a clever GoodGuide-designed flowchart titled “Is it Pet Food”, a la the human-food version from the Huffington Post earlier this month.

If you’ve ever used GoodGuide before, what do you think of their ratings?

[Photo: Betchay/Flickr]

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