Save the sea through creative plastic art contest

Plastic Sushi

Plastic isn’t just a problem in our landfills, it’s a problem in our oceans too.

Ever heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

It’s an area in the north Pacific where virtually all garbage dumped in or near both Western Europe and the Eastern United States eventually ends up.

Depending on the ocean currents and weather patterns, that patch can range in size from somewhere equal to that of the state of Texas to larger than the U.S. itself.

Yeah, that sucks.

But a few companies and organizations that don’t suck are looking to change that sad reality.

Chaco, Wend, and 5 Gyres have teamed up to launch the “Waves for Change” contest. Wend says,

Annually, billions of bags, bottles and short-term plastic containers end up not only in landfills, but also in our oceans, where they remain seemingly forever. Plastic pollution has become an endemic part of the marine ecosystem, threatening the health and well being of wildlife and our lives, as we know it.

But unlike marine life, we can do something about it. We can begin to fix our problem through awareness. That’s what inspired 5 Gyres to begin its mission to end plastics pollution–through research of ocean plastic, communication about its impacts and development of strategies for eliminating its presence.

And now, 5 Gyres has partnered with Chaco to bring you along for the ride of a lifetime through the Chaco ‘Waves for Change’ art contest.

Want to know more about the contest?

The Chaco ‘Waves for Change‘ art contest is now accepting digital submissions of artwork that demonstrates our world’s addiction to single-use plastic. From January 3 through March 13 just submit a digital image of your plastic-inspired artwork here and each week we’ll select a winning plastic-purposed artistic contribution. You can submit a new contribution each week–as long as it differs from prior submissions.

The ‘Waves for Change’ contest judging panel is seeking out all talents of video, fine art, photography, handcraft and sculpture to demonstrate our world’s addiction to single-use plastic. Winning submissions will be works of art that convey the message of the impact of plastics on the oceanic environment and inspire change. Weekly winners will be chosen and announced each Monday through March 13, 2011. Weekly winners will receive a Klean Kanteen water bottle, a $95 Chaco gift card and a two-year subscription to Wend magazine.

March 14 through 28 will mark the public voting period. Viewers may vote for their favorite submission by giving it a ‘Like’ indication. The submission with the most votes at the end of the voting period will be the grand prize winner. The grand prize winner will receive roundtrip airfaire to Tahiti (departing from the Cook Islands) where he/she will join one of the final 5 Gyres discovery voyages: 10 days sailing from Tahiti to the Cook Islands. All meals and accommodations will be included.

You can also play a small but important part in reducing single use plastic by taking your own reusable bags to the store.

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