Street performer turns his bike into a drum set

Puncture Kit bicycle drummer

I’m a big fan of hacking things you already have into things you don’t.

Who’d have thought a clever musician could not just transport his drum set via a bicycle, but use the bicycle itself as the drum set?!

Who is he? He is David Osborne, aka Puncture Kit.

[Dramatic pause while you revel in the awesomeness of that name.]

David says,

Puncture Kit was brought to life after sitting in London’s Green Park with my new bicycle not long after arriving from Australia in June 2008… no car, no drums, and a need to create beats. With my bike turned upside down, a sketchbook and no desire to be carrying a drum kit around on buses and trains, I designed my bike as my transport and drum kit.

Sticky notes. Paper clips. Bike drum sets. All things created by people who were just simply trying to find a way over a roadblock in their path to a simpler life.

Check out some of Puncture Kit’s mad beats in the following videos. (Unless you want to see David set up his bike drum set rig, skip to about 1:10 in the first video.)

[Via WEND]

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