Finally! An affordable LED bulb (less than $20)

Pharox 200 Flame LED light bulbHave you ever wondered why LED light bulbs cost so much? They’re much safer (no mercury) and more efficient than CFL’s, but at $50 or so, they’re out of reach for most consumers.

Thankfully, one company is changing all of that.

One of my clients and sponsors Lemnis Lighting has an LED bulb for less than $20.  So for anyone complaining about light emitting diode bulbs being crazy expensive; better think again since Pharox is bringing green lighting to a whole new level.

And I’m talking about both energy savings and upfront cost savings too!

The Pharox 200 “Flame” light bulb is bright enough to be used as an incandescent replacement while casting beautiful warm light. With the color temperature of 2200K, the Pharox 200 “Flame” is one of the warmest LED bulbs available, making it the perfect lighting option for creating optimum ambiance where soft, pleasant light is desired.

Here are some of the amazing specs on this bulb…

Product Benefits

  • Warm, pleasant light
  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly
  • Lasts 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs
  • Contains no mercury or lead
  • Emits no harmful UV radiation
  • Generates virtually no heat
  • Turns on instantly, without flickering

Read more about the Pharox 200 “Flame” LED light bulb at Green Living Guy. Be sure to check out the absolutely staggering comparison chart that pits the Pharox 200 LED bulb against standard CFL and incandescent light bulbs.

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  • Chris

    $20 is so much better than $50, but I think it might still be a stretch for the average homeowner. As we dial these in to somewhere between $5 and $9.99 people will really find themselves with a choice to make. In the mean time, CFL light bulbs have a place in my home.

  • Mooshta

    Thanks for posting this article on the amazing Pharox 200 LED bulb. It is finally at a very affordable price… no excuses now ;)

    A super exciting update for all those waiting for an even brighter LED bulb… The PHAROX 400. will be the first to offer the Pharox 400, a 75W incandescent replacement bulb. Check out all the specs and details here,

  • Anonymous

    It looks god but I worry that it will be too warm for most. Surely we need something giving a brilliant white for it to be widely accepted?

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  • JT

    LED lighting is really just on the cusp of catching on. It is a bit on the high side in terms of cost per bulb, but the savings outweigh the initial cost, especially since LED bulbs for the home can last up to 50,000 hours which might be a lifetime in some less used parts of your home. LED’s bulbs use even less energy than CFL’s so they are truly a greener product. Plus LED’s do not contain dangerous hazardous materials in them in any amounts.

  • Jessy1524

    These are great just ordered Pharox 400 from here ->

    Waiting for the them to arrive

  • Kouala

    This is a really great article. At we’re trying to help businesses use more eco-friendly lighting such as LED lights to help them improve their environmental footprint. These are some great tips for a Lighthouse division