All natural Storm Trooper rodent control

Star Wars walker vs squirrel

The time for planting that garden (especially your greens) is drawing near, and with it comes the ever-so-difficult task of fending off rodents and insects without employing the use of chemicals.

I’m going to try the method pictured above. Position some Storm Troopers and AT-ST Imperial Walkers around my garden and hope they come to life in an effort to ward off squirrels, moles, and maybe even the dreaded slug.

Maybe some Star Wars fertilizer will lend aid to that end.

I’m only half joking about that too. I’ve tried lining my garden with copper tubing, companion planting with marigolds (which are natural insecticides), and other natural pesticide tactics, but stationing some old Star Wars action figures (and maybe even some G.I. Joe’s) around the garden couldn’t hurt.

What’s your favorite chemical-free way to keep pests and insects away from your precious garden?


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  • Greentech-BG

    I am going to plant some garlic in the flower garden this spring. Maybe in the summer I will know if this works…

    • Jeffrey Davis

      Cool, I’ve never heard about doing that. Is it supposed to repel insects and pests too? Does it make ur other herbs and veggies taste like garlic if you plant it too close?

  • TheRiverWanders

    I use cinnamon all around the outside of my house and across the threshold of outer doors; ants won’t walk in it. I also sprinkle it under the hostas to keep slugs out. I reapply a couple of times a season. Inside I always use an orange oil-based bug spray – it kills by de-waxing the bug’s exoskeleton instead of by poison. Safe to use near food, pets, kids, and humans…plus it smells heavenly.

    • Jeffrey Davis

      Great tips! Thanks SO much for sharing. I’m definitely going to try the orange oil trick this year in my garden. Maybe i’ll spray my Storm Troopers with it….or even craft little orange oil flame throwers for them. Or not.

  • Debbie

    It’d be great if it was only this easy!

  • Bethbot52

    I’ve heard that peppermint oil is a deterrent to mice….we tried it once, but I think what we were dealing with was a bit bigger (shudder) so the results weren’t spectacular…also we didn’t have that much pure peppermint oil to use…

  • Veronica

    I use crushed egg shells around the plants to deter slugs and snails. Also, chilli and rhubarb spray to kill caterpillers. Boil chilli and rhubarb leaves in some water, let cool and drain. Add some dishwashing liquid to help it stick to leaves and then spray on the leaves of plants. You do have to reapply after rain and after watering however.

    • Jeffrey Davis

      Interesting Veronica. I’ve heard of using egg shells, but never heard of chili and rhubarb. I’ll have to give it a try.

  • Joseph

    Try Slug Shields. I used them last season and they worked. Great thing is that they are 100% eco-friendly and they LAST ALL SEASON without maintenance! I got them online.

    Good luck!

    • Jeffrey Davis

      thanks so much for the tip joseph!

  • Pest Control

    Picture is awesome. I liked it very much and the idea too. I really appreciate your great idea. Thanks for sharing!