Kale chips: A surprisingly tasty & salty side item

Kale chips are a healthy alternative to potato or tortilla chipsKale chips. Sounds gross doesn’t it? That’s what I thought too.

When the “chips” came out of the oven looking like a toasted heap of greens (because that’s really all they are), I felt my taste buds begin to organize in preparation for a revolt.

As I placed the first kale “chip” in my mouth, I could ever so faintly discern the sound of my taste buds’ protesting jeers transform into shouts of praise.

I couldn’t believe how great and non-kale-ish the kale chips actually tasted.

If you have frequent cravings for salty tortilla or potato chips, making some kale chips is a quick, easy, and gluten-free way to satisfy those cravings without surrendering to the empty calories of regular chips.

Here’s the recipe for these kale chips

  • Preheat oven to 300 degrees
  • Chop kale into bite-sized pieces
  • Toss pieces in a bowl with olive oil and sea salt
  • Spread out on baking sheet in a thin layer
  • Bake for 20 minutes or until crispy

Pretty simple eh? As you can see in the picture above and the gallery below, we had ours with Ahi tuna steaks, but they would go nicely with many dishes…or even by themselves as a quick snack.

I will say that going back for some leftover kale chips 2 hours later resulted in a much less pleasing experience. That led me to the conclusion that this snack is best enjoyed fresh out of the oven.

Have you ever had kale chips before? What did you think of them?

My kale chip photo shoot:Gallery not found. Please check your settings.

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  • http://noteasytobegreen.wordpress.com/ Jennifer

    I thought they were…odd the first time I had them. I’m not usually in the habit of eating dead leaves sprinkled with seasonings. However, they are oddly addictive, and I have since made (and eaten) many platefuls. I think they’re a good way to get into eating some of the tougher, bitter greens that are so good for us. I’ve heard you can make chips out of mustard greens and collards as well!

    • http://www.EcoSnobberySucks.com Jeffrey Davis

      Ha ha ha. “Dead leaves sprinkled with seasoning.” Nice. They are oddly addicting aren’t they? You’re right, they are a great way to get those much needed nutrients from the normally lesser tasty greens.

  • Julie

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE kale chips and so do my kids. I started growing my own kale last summer and it’s so fun to go and pick the leaves and bake them up. Try sprinkling with some nutritional yeast prior to baking – it’s crazy, cheesy goodness! We never, ever end up with leftovers and usually eat them straight from the (cooled) baking sheet.

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