Organic recipes for National Margarita Day

Best margarita recipes for National Margarita DayDid you know that today is National Margarita Day?

Neither did I…until yesterday.

I have no idea why such a “holiday” exists, but who cares…the noble Margarita deserves its own day, don’t you think?

Don’t waste National Margarita Day on cheap and sugary excuses for everyone’s favorite Mexican drink at your local bar or Mexican restaurant. Instead, have some friends over to su casa (your house) and make some not-SO-bad for you organic margaritas that even my neighbors from Monterrey would approve of.

My 2 Favorite Organic Margarita Recipes

My friend Becky Striepe posted this tasty-looking margarita recipe at greenUpgrader yesterday:

Makes 2 margaritas.

sea salt, for the rim of the glass
3 oz organic tequila (such as 4Copas or Republic Tequila)
2 oz organic orange liqueur
juice from 1 large, organic lime
1/4c organic agave nectar
1 lime, sliced into wedges

The awesome crew at Ecorazzi posted this lower calorie organic margarita recipe (via I Could Sew Do That) earlier this afternoon:

Makes 1 margarita.

1.5 oz of organic tequila (such as 4Copas or Republic Tequila)
The juice of one lime
3/4 oz of organic agave nectar
3/4 oz of water
Shake it up, pour it over ice and it’s party time!

Bada bing. Consider yourself prepared for National Margarita Day in organic style. Republic Tequila has started the National Margarita Day event on Facebook, and they’re calling for the best margarita picture of the day. So try out of these recipes and submit a pic to that Facebook page.

And hey, while you’re on Facebook, be sure to “like” Eco-Snobbery Sucks too.

[Photo: houseofsims/Flickr]

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