Eco-friendly and stylish home décor tips

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Home décor has its own version of snobbery. Be it elitism in the form of design or that of sustainability, it seems like you never can find the best of both worlds…but you can. After all, you want a stylish home AND you want to be as eco-friendly as possible, right? These tips will get you well on your way to that goal.

Hank D and the Bee: Spring – a time of wonder

Hank D and the Bee: Spring--a time of wonder

Spring time is a great time to explore new ideas and activities. What are some of your favorite things about spring time? Are you planning on getting involved in any new activities this year? Gardening? Beekeeping? Cycling? Share your favorite things about spring time in the comments.

No royal carriage for your wedding? No worries.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding carriage

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding next month will hardly be a toned down, eco-conscious affair…though they will leave the ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage. But just because you can’t afford a 100-year-old horse-drawn carriage to haul you away from your nuptials, doesn’t mean your wedding travel can’t be eco-friendly.

Entire flash mob rejoices over a lone recycler

flashmob praises recycler in mall

Do you think more people would recycle if an entire mall full of flash mobbers lavished them with the praises of a standing ovation? One thing is nearly for certain, if we knew all the things we did to make this world a better place would be praised in such a manner, we’d probably be more apt to put them off less.

Petzl’s rechargeable CORE headlamp battery

Petzl CORE rechargeable headlamp battery

Every now and then a product comes along that utterly defines sustainability. Petzl, a popular outdoor sports company, has created one such product in the CORE rechargeable battery for their headlamps. Somehow Petzl figured out how to turn this rechargeable battery into a nexus of eco-friendliness, convenience, and marketability.

Ditched the soda and miss the fizz? Try kefir!

homemade kombucha

Are you a soda or diet soda addict? Most of us would admit that we LOVE the fizzy goodness of a nice can of Coca-Cola. In my search for a low-calorie fizzy drink I discovered kombucha, a fermented “tea” made from a culture comprised of yeast and bacteria. But then came water kefir, kombucha’s easier to make cousin. Here is my favorite recipe.

Going green gradually: Baby steps with a baby

going green with a baby

The birth of my first child inspired me to go green. But caring for my baby sucked up nearly all of my time, energy and money, rendering it tough to accomplish the eco-friendly changes I wanted to make. Nonetheless, I did make changes. Here are some of the changes I have been able to make with small children.

TOMS Shoes help couples give back on wedding day

TOMS wedding shoes

Don’t be a snob about the shoes you wear at your wedding…but don’t forgot about them either. The wedding collection from TOMS Shoes is a great way to bring eco-friendly style to your wedding party while contributing to the social good as well.

Hank D and the Bee: Hank gets egged

Hank D and the Bee: Hank gets egged

More on Backyard Chickens From Ecolutionist: Free-Range Eggs: What’s the Price for Freedom? From Planet Green: Choosing a Heritage Breed Chicken From NaturalPapa: The first Hank D cartoon with Wendy the Chicken Show the Twitterverse you’re a Hankhead. Say “@GreenCartoons, I’m a #hankhead!” and share your favorite Hank D and the Bee cartoon with the […]

Annmarie Gianni Organic Skin Care review

Annmarie Gianni Organic Natural Skincare

Annmarie Gianni Skin Care may be the new kid on the skin care block, but her product formulas might be a game changer. Finding quality skin care products can be hard enough as it is, but finding ones made only from organic ingredients and free of all chemicals is even harder. Check out our review of her products.