Annmarie Gianni Organic Skin Care review

Annmarie Gianni Organic Natural SkincarePiggybacking on my last post about chemicals in personal care products, I’d like to introduce you to a skin care line that’s free from chemicals, additives, parabens and other generally nasty ingredients that can be stripping and even damaging to your skin.

I recently had the fortunate experience of being asked to work with Annmarie Gianni and her team on public relations for her skin care line, called Annmarie Gianni Skin Care. Because I would be writing about her products, I wanted to give them all a try to see how they fared.

My first impression was that this was an aesthetically gorgeous set of products. Each product is packaged in Miron Violet Glass, which has been scientifically proven to preserve the natural ingredients stored inside for longer. This gives the products the protection they need to last long and stay highly potent, which also reduces the amount of preservatives that actually go into the product itself.

Cool, huh?

All of the products in this line are made from organic and wild-crafted ingredients with plenty of fragrant essential oils, and – let me tell you — each product singularly turns the daily chore of washing your face into a relaxing spa-like experience.

Though Annmarie Gianni Skin Care boasts 13 products, I’ll review my favorite four that I use every day:

  • Aloe-Herb Cleanser – This is a cleanser like none I’ve ever used before. It’s more lotion-like than soap-like so you won’t get the traditional lather and bubbles you expect with most cleansers, which is a good thing. It’s pH-balanced to help protect your skin and to moisturize without being oily. Once emulsified into my palms with a little water, this stuff breaks up dirt, make-up and grime with surprising power – it even gets rid of my mascara in one rinse!
  • Coconut Body Oil – This is my favorite product by far. It’s very versatile. I use it on my face as a moisturizer, use it as a massage oil on my children at night (the lavender helps with relaxation and sleep), and even put a few drops into the tub for a chemical-free nighttime soak.
  • Ayurvedic Facial Scrub – When I opened up the small tub of this scrub, I was surprised to see that it was a very fine powder, resembling BoKU Super Food, the greens drink my family loves. My husband commented that it smelled like seaweed. After following the instructions and mixing it with water (and the Aloe-Herb Facial Cleanser if you want a cleansing scrub), I started massaging it into my face. Unlike many typical facial scrubs, this was very gentle. I was worried that it wasn’t “scrubby” enough, but once I rinsed it off, I realized that it had done the job quite effectively. My skin felt soft and pleasantly hydrated.
  • Coconut Honey Mask – I love coconut and honey, so I knew right away I would like this product. Annmarie says that this product is so natural that you can even eat it! I know you can’t say that your drugstore masks! Supremely hydrating, this is a mask that I do once every two weeks. What I like most about it is that it’s a great lip moisturizer. As I’m finishing up my morning routine, I take a dab and on rub it into my lips and I’m good to go for a couple of hours – which is great during the drying months of winter.

I only have two complaints about two different products. When I used the Anti-Aging Facial Oil, my face broke out into small, irritated raised bumps. I spoke with Annmarie about this and she told me that if you don’t have extremely dry or mature skin it can clog your pores. Also, the Purifying Mud Mask was a bit messy, and the red-colored clay in the product made my white sink a bit hard to clean up. Once you get used to mixing it up on-the-spot, the process becomes much faster and cleaner.

If you’ve been searching for an effective, yet safe skin care line, check out Annmarie Gianni Skin Care. During the month of March, she’s offering a 10% discount for use on any of her products, or anything else at the Renegade Online Health Store. Upon checking out type in EVO into coupon code box. The discount expires March 31, 2011.

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