Biggest “supermoon” in 18 years this Saturday

Supermoon March 2011

Remember the old “shoot the moon” Easter egg on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? You looked through your sniper rifle scope at the moon, pulled the trigger, and the moon appeared to come exponentially closer to the Earth.

That’s going to happen this Saturday night…but no sniper rifle required.

Ecorazzi says,

Got plans for this weekend? If you find yourself anywhere with a clear sky, make sure you have a look up at some point to witness the largest moon in almost two decades starring back at you.

On Saturday, the moon will will be just 356,577 kilometers from the Earth, its closest in 18 years. Astronomers say an event like this has happened 15 times in the last 400 years.

A “supermoon” is obviously most impressive when it coincides with a full moon. Guess what happens this Saturday. Yep, it’s a full moon. So if you have a clear night sky this Saturday night go out and take in the beauty of the biggest supermoon in almost 2 decades.

Oh and just for fun, here is the Vice City moon glitch:

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