Diaper change: Making the switch to cloth diapers

sprout change reusable diapersLooking back on my kids’ diaper years, I’m amazed at how often our world revolved around two basic human functions – the elimination of liquids and solids from these two tiny bodies (And  sometimes a third phenomenon which I’ve yet to figure out – crapping up the back, anyone? That’s an event NO diaper can handle).

From the time we brought our first born home from the hospital until he was about four or five months old, I would literally change his diaper the minute he peed in it. I would barely sleep at night, on urine patrol, waiting for him to pee, so that I could change his diaper. I finally made contact outside of our baby bubble with another mom a few months later, who told me that it was perfectly fine to wait one, two or even three pees before changing, especially when the tot was so young. I realized then that it was all about the absorbency, and then quickly realized that I could make our diaper budget stretch a bit further.

From then on, I dangerously tested the spongy limits of many diapers, finally settling on our preferred, expensive and disposable brand. Now that my kids are five and four, we thankfully don’t donate a significant amount of our take home money to our local grocery store anymore.

Are Cloth Diapers Disgusting?

Back then, I didn’t even consider cloth diapers. To me they seemed messy, inconvenient, and a little … ew. But in the years since, I have learned a lot about cloth diapers and their benefits to the family budget, the environment and to the child. If I had a do-over with diapers, I would definitely consider the cloth diaper route, especially with new and innovative products like SproutChange reusables out there.

The Story Behind SproutChange

I recently learned about The Willow Store, which carries SproutChange diapers. The Willow Store was founded by mom and entrepreneur, Catherine Bolden in 2005. After successfully creating several green product lines, including WillowPads (organic maxi pads and pantyliners), WillowSprouts (a line of nursing pads, baby wipes and diapers), and EveryDayWillow (alternative to the paper towel, pillows and other home products), they created their newest reusable diaper called SproutChange.

“As a mom, I want only the best for my baby. I know that using disposable diapers are not healthy for my baby, not good for the environment and certainly not the most economical,” said Bolden. “I want to keep my child safe, and wrapped in only the softest, preferably organic, fabrics. But as a mom, I know that it’s a process. I know that working parents don’t always have the option to cloth diaper.”

What Makes SproutChange Diapers Different

Bolden says that there are plenty of cloth diapers out there and they pretty much all work. SproutChange is different because it’s a compilation of all the great things cloth diapers can be.

“Our system is a hybrid unlike any other that combines pocket diapers, prefolds and all-in-ones to make the least confusing, most economical diaper available, that anyone can afford.”

Available at select retail stores throughout the country, the SproutChange Booster Starter Kit comes with 1 shell + 3 Boosters (SoftSleeves + Insides), which is equal to three diaper changes. This retails for $48.75. Savings will add up quickly once you get a good stockpile going.

The fun part? Wrapping your babe’s soft tushy in SproutChange’s shells, which have whimsical names like String Bean, SkyBerry and Grapefruit for their colorful shells.

Not ready to make the complete switch to reusable? Try out a starter kit and use them just at home or just with the sitter.

Remember, “Each diaper you don’t throw away represents one more step towards our reusable future, and one more gift you can give your child,” says Bolden.

Have you had any experience with cloth diapers? What did you think? If you don’t yet have kids, do you plan to use cloth diapers or does the very thought of it gross you out?

[Photo: BabyMakingMama/Flickr]

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About Julie Hurley

A married mother of two young children, Julie Hurley is a freelance writer with a strong interest in natural living and is the Director of Public Relations at Principia Media. Visit her personal blog at: ourlunchbox.blogspot.com.

  • http://www.eco-novice.com/ Betsy (Eco-novice)

    I switched to cloth when my first child was 1. I like them much better than disposables. I blog about cloth diapering pretty regularly.

    • Julie Hurley

      That’s awesome Betsy. I wish I had read more on it while my kids were still in diapers. The amount of waste (no pun intended) that we generated is disgusting!

    • http://www.EcoSnobberySucks.com Jeffrey Davis

      Cool Betsy. Where do you blog?

  • http://voogtrecipes.blogspot.com/ Mary

    Really looking forward to trying cloth diapers this time around. Wish I had tried it sooner. They are sooooo cute. And so soft. I went to a class on cloth diapering. The lady said that the amount of water you use for one load of laundry (full load of diapers) is the same amount of water it takes to make ONE disposable. So you really are being extra green by using cloth. You save water/energy and don’t fill the landfills. Using cloth wipes is a big help too.

    • http://www.EcoSnobberySucks.com Jeffrey Davis

      Interesting info there Mary. The question of how much water cloth and disposables each use is definitely a hot debate among eco moms. Thanks so much for your take on it!

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