5 green inventions that are poised to go viral

There are so many cool eco-friendly inventions out there just waiting for their turn to go viral. Most of them won’t, but a few will catch on and spread like wildfire.  Inventors are always looking for ways to make our lives easier, greener and WOW us.  Do you think any of these have what it takes to make it big?

Green Box pizza boxGreenBox Pizza Box

GreenBox has created the perfect pizza box. Their biodegradable pizza box breaks down into four, easy to use plates. Move over Styrofoam carry-out boxes, GreenBox has created a line of biodegradable, cardboard carry-out boxes too.  Seems they have succeeded at their mission: to provide environmentally friendly alternatives that:

  • add utility
  • utilize sustainable materials
  • reduce carbon footprints and
  • divert waste from landfills

Green Machine

Say goodbye to gasoline! Check out the AirPod car that runs on air power. Compared to a gas guzzling car, the AirPod produces a fraction of the emissions, can chug up to 50 mph and will cost the consumer around $10,000.  My one reservation-not so sure how safe this little guy is. Is this the car of the future?

Underwater Kite

The Deep Green kite dives through the deep ocean in a figure eight pattern. While “swimming” through the ocean it captures wave energy as water passes through. The energy is then sent to a generator located on the sea floor. In one hour this amazing kite is able to collect enough power for an average home to operate for two weeks. Now that’s impressive.

Deep Green Kite

Human Powered Electricity

More and more gyms are using specially designed equipment to capture the energy you create while sweating and pedaling, turning it into useful electricity. Last year The Green Microgym opened in Portland, Oregon and has been able to reduce its carbon emissions by 60%.

Green Microgym

Reflective Biker Socks and Gloves

If you are a cyclist and end up cycling into the wee hours this cool invention is for you. Reflective gloves and socks that enable cars and other vehicles to spot you during the dark hours [See pic in the gallery below]. They even have reflective turn signals built in! Not only do they create a safer ride, they also replace some of the plastic blinking lights adorning your bike.

Now why didn’t I think of any of these? Which do you think will hit it big and go viral?

Check out more pics of these great green inventions: Gallery not found. Please check your settings.

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About Lori Alper

Lori Popkewitz Alper is the founder of Groovy Green Livin, a site dedicated to sharing green living tips and information with individuals, families, schools and businesses. A contributing writer for multiple blogs and websites, Lori speaks, writes and advises clients on a variety of issues related to creating a greener lifestyle. Lori is a green living educator, consultant, mother to three young boys, borderline vegan and recovering attorney. In her free time she can be found practicing yoga, pitching a baseball, running, cycling, skiing, cooking, or reading. Connect with Lori and Groovy Green Livin on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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  • http://www.filtersfast.com/ Anonymous

    Love the idea of a pizza box that breaks down into plates!

  • Erikhoffman_wisc

    It’s a Johnny Cab from Total Recall (AirPod)

    • http://www.EcoSnobberySucks.com Jeffrey Davis

      Lol. It does kinda look like that.

  • http://www.charlesredell.com/ Charles

    Some of these are good ideas (I love the idea of the seocnd use for the compostable pizza box), but the reflective gloves and socks scare me. As an avid bike commuter, I can tell you that from a visibility/safety perspective, these are not going to cut it. They’re a good addition (I have a pair of reflective gloves), but if you’re riding in traffic, you MUST, MUST, MUST have a blinking red light in back and bright white light in front, AT A MINIMUM. And these should be on at all times when you’re riding, not just at night. Simply put, in general, drivers don’t usually see bikers unless they are VERY visible.
    So do add these, but please be careful and keep the lights (use rechargeable batteries though).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Going-Green-Kits/100001383381626 Going Green Kits

    I really like the idea of human powered electricity, I have always thought that it would be a great idea for playgrounds for kids to be powered that way ;-)

  • http://www.usatoday.com/money/advertising/2009-06-24-telebrands-inventors_N.htm Telebrands

    Thanks for this post about some green inventions. The human powered electricity is quite interesting.

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  • Jamast

    if these are examples of the author’s expertise..she really needs to upgrade her science to at least the level of a flunking high school student…the air car is ridiculous, how do you produce the compressed air?..with heat produced from oil ….as for the underwater kites i won’t even begin to tell you what is wrong with that as per cost….i’m afraid this lady is typical of the greenies that have no clue…..what we need are solutions for individuals, not bad science and their advocates … after thirty plus years of living off grid and at sea i have a right to comment when nonsense is spewed

  • Anonymous

     Nuclear powered, from safe Thorium fueled LFTR reactor electricity – bullet trains, in China, very environmentally friendly, and fast too! 320 kpm’s! Have operated successfully more than 5 years now. What of Euro-styled turbo diesels, a full 40% more efficient, therefore 40% less polluting? in a hemp fiber-bodied ultralight car ( http://www.iweeducation.org/article/625/solar-powered-hemp-bodied-electric-car-now-that-s-green.aspx ) with a rechargeable plug-able battery and a Prius type drive train – all technically available today! Super-insulation – held back from American consumers? Areogels not commercially developed? Why ? See Straw Bale, Stack Wood houses, Saskatchewan government built Super-insulated buildings in the 70′s, very cheap to heat/cool, fully disclosed on Canadian government sites! Anaerobic sewage digestion on smaller scale, can yield methane gas storable in propane tanks, used same way, and top-soil building fertilizer from the final slurry – Ironprior, Ontario, Canada farmer does this, fuels a diesel generator, sell power back to grid at peak times for bigger bucks from his cows than ever before! Excess heat from diesels heats barns out-buildings for free! Geothermal installation cools house in summer, heat returned in winter through heat pump heats house for very much cheaper, all winter long! Aquaponics provide fish for protein, veggies, all for a little fish food you can so grow! Newer designs for Wind Turbines provide charge for batteries even from slight breezes, Magnets are placed at tips of blades for very low torque, high efficiency at even lowest breezes, methane gas burning home heating units by Honda, using special engines to generate electricity, sold back to grid, or used in home, catch heat from the same fuel from exhaust, and engine heat to heat water reservoir to be tapped at night to heat home! two gains, heat and electricity, burnt fuel only once! A Two for One gain! Yes it does so work out! Done regularly in Germany! Google and see! European idea that yields heat, compost piles with water pipes ion them, hot water comes out, for free. K eep faith, american dream follies near their end, a new America to be born, free of the ‘money changers’ after the bust! Save compile all free survival infor for the new world coming, burn to disk, study, and learn skills that will really cont in the days soon coming.