Reuse a movie popcorn bucket in the kitchen

DIY Popcorn bucket trashcanShhh…don’t tell anyone, but sometimes my family gets popcorn when we go to the movies. And we always put extra butter on it.

After three years of going to the movies with our kids, we (well, I) finally caved and bought one of those movie popcorn “deals” where you spend $50 and get $10 back in coupons (for crap snacks, of course), a $20 gift card for the movies and free refills on popcorn.

I hope that you’re not judging me by now.

Now, one month after our bucket expired, I was wondering what to do with it. Inspiration struck me after seeing a photo of Rachel Ray in a magazine. Ah-ha! A garbage bucket!! I’ve always wanted one, but have never wanted to spare one of my bowls for it.

If you’ve never watched Rachel Ray, she designates one bowl during her cooking prep as the garbage bowl. Into it goes the scraps of onion peels, green pepper ribs, and other food leftovers that don’t make it into your dish.

It’s also a perfect way to gather items for composting, if you keep your garbage bowl to food items only.

So there you have it — a $50 cheap, plastic garbage bowl that I’ve kept out of a landfill. How do you reuse items like this that tend to pile up in your garbage can?

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