Indulge in Easter chocolates without the guilt

Homemade Cadbury Easter chocolates recipeI have a love/hate relationship with holidays that revolve around candy (Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc.).

I can make it through the entire month between Thanksgiving and Christmas without gaining a pound, but it’s entirely too easy for me to grab a handful of Halloween candy every other hour for a week from the not-so-hidden stash in my pantry.

For me, the pinnacle of all holiday candies is the Cadbury Egg. For the past few years, I’ve made it a goal to eat only one during the Easter season, and I’ve been able to stick by that personal rule. Unfortunately, ever since they came out with those mini Cadbury eggs, I’ve seemed to have lost all willpower, figuring that one or two (or three … and maybe four?) of the tiny bites is equal to one full-sized egg.

Making your own healthier Easter chocolates

Since I’m all about finding healthier alternatives, I came across a recipe to make homemade creme eggs. Though making sweet confections are not my strong suit, I was all for the challenge of trying my hand at making these myself.

After gathering all the ingredients (which included a trip to a regular grocery store, a health food store, and a bribe to my son to get him to go with me to both places), I was ready to begin. I could not find the egg mold at my local grocery store, so I bought a silicone baking sheet made specifically for one-bite brownies. I layered chocolate, filling, chocolate and I have to say that they turned out pretty good. Very messy to eat, but delicious all the same.

It didn’t taste exactly like my beloved Cadbury Egg, but it was a sweet indulgence indeed.

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  • Danielle Allison

    I can’t wait to try this. I feel like we may be the same person. The intro to this is almost identical to a complaint I recently made after a trip to the store that resulted in a Cadbury Egg purchase. I find them very difficult to resist. :)

    • Julie Hurley

      LOL. I have actually had them in the cart at the start of a shopping trip, and then force myself to put them back before I check-out. It’s horrible, I know. :) I had a problem with the custard setting up, hope you have more luck than I! I’d love to hear how they turn out if you make them. I’m actually just finishing one right now, straight from the freezer. :)

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