Laundry time: Simple solution to solo socks

lost sock solutionEvery time I do laundry, no matter how vigilant I am about matching up socks before loading up my washer, I always end up with at least one or more more stragglers – lone socks that have lost their partners during the short trip from clothes hamper to dryer.

In an effort to match up these sad singles, I dedicated a decorative basket to temporarily house the loners. Each week (or month) I go through the basket and reunite the pair.

Knowing that the single socks have a destination and will eventually meet their partner, I never get annoyed anymore when I don’t match them all up each load!

That’s one way I cut down on the waste my home generates, but what are some of your tips for reducing your household waste or even just to make doing laundry easier?

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About Julie Hurley

A married mother of two young children, Julie Hurley is a freelance writer with a strong interest in natural living and is the Director of Public Relations at Principia Media. Visit her personal blog at:

  • naimed

    ah i dont bother and just wear what i get

  • Laine

    Great tip Julie!

    Ours reside in an old box in the laundry room – definitely not the same panache but it works none the less! 
    I’ve learned that buying mutiples of the same sock help since each one has more options to find a mate (kinda like dating!) although different dye lots can be a problem.  Of course the rage with teens (my girls are 14 and 17) is to wear odd socks deliberately so.. that helps hugely.

    One other advantage to the odd sock bin is… if the mate doesn’t turn up get your boys to put the odd ones on their hands and dust with them!  They fit nicely in micro blinds and work really well, if they have some nylon content the kids can even run them through their hair first to add a little dust attracting static cling. And of course if the lost one ever returns to the fold just wash the dust off and voila you have a ‘pair’ of socks instead of  2 dusters.

    Laine D.