Marshmallow Peeps get their yoga on for Easter

peeps doing yoga dioramaIt’s nice when sugary treats decide to get themselves in shape so they can be as easy on your diet as possible when you inevitably bite their fluffy heads off.

Check out this awesome diorama scene that pictures one of everybody’s favorite Easter sweets, Marshmallow Peeps, getting their yoga on (and how to make your own such scene) at Serious Eats.

Serious Eats says,

It turns out that Peeps, like many humans, have a vibrant yoga community. They are impressively flexible, a perk of having no skeletal system. When you’re made of marshmallow squish, you can bend in all sorts of directions. Standing on your head is a cinch when you only weigh a third of an ounce! Also, it helps that Peeps are powered by sugar—all that energy minus the hypoglycemic lows.

If you’re not planning on making your own healthier version of Cadbury Creme Eggs for Easter, why not pick up a few packs of Peeps and make your own yoga scene? Hell, for that matter you could put them in any type of diorama setting. This would be a great craft for yoga dorks, families, or individuals alike.

Please share your Peeps pics (simple as they may be) on our Facebook fan page.

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