Team Eco Lovers wins TV’s “Shedding for the Wedding”

Karen Tran FloristWhen I heard that the CW’s new weight-loss competition show Shedding for the Wedding had a team called Eco Lovers in the running to win their dream wedding, I tuned in to last Wednesday’s season finale to catch the weigh in and the big announcement.

Team Eco Lovers is Samantha and Brooks, a couple from Ohio who joined the show in hopes of losing a collective 160 pounds and winning their dream wedding. They’re both nature lovers who try to live green lifestyles, and they wanted that to shine through on their big day.

In their introductory video interview, Sam and Brooks describe their dream wedding: Organic and local food. A biodegradable maid-of-honor’s dress, which they plan to compost afterward. A wedding gown they’ll donate to charity.

Throughout the season, competing couples on the show met with wedding planners, florists, and stationers to plan out every detail of their wedding. One by one, they went home (the pair that lost the lowest percentage of body weight was eliminated each week), until Sam and Brooks were announced as the biggest losers/winners.

The final show was a whirlwind of last-minute wedding planner, as the event organizer switched gears to focus exclusively on the couple’s eco theme. (Leading up to the weigh-in, the show had been prepping for and planning two different weddings — menus, decorations, etc. — to prepare for either outcome. We can’t say that’s entirely “green,” but hey, it’s TV.)

It was a bit hard to see exactly what eco-friendly choices were made for the wedding — the ceremony’s pictured here — besides the fact that the reception hall was decorated with real trees and incorporated lots of nature. But based on the show’s narrative, here’s a few other green elements that were incorporated.

  • Sam’s maid of honor didn’t wear a biodegradable dress after all (at least not for the made-for-TV ceremony), because the show instead provided her bridesmaids with dresses from Asking your wedding party to rent and return outfits, rather than buying something they’ll never wear again — is certainly a smart move.
  • Sam and Brooks chose wedding invitations from Bovary and Butterfly printed on wood to match their rustic, natural theme. Eco-friendly cotton paper was used for the insert cards and envelopes.
  • Many of the herbs and vegetables used for dinner came from caterer Il Cielo’s organic garden in Santa Barbara.

And let’s not forget the twist at the end of the night: The couple was given a new Toyota Highlander Hyrbid as a wedding gift — and even if you didn’t watch, you can still get in on the action: The CW is giving away two more green vehicles — 2012 Ford Focuses this time — as part of a Second Chance Sweepstakes.

The finale of “SFTW” is now on the CW’s website, and you can read about Team Eco Lovers’ wedding in an upcoming issue of People magazine. In the end, I can’t say I got a ton of green ideas for my own nuptials — but it was nice, at least, to see an eco-friendly, sustainable theme emerging in the normally over-the-top world of reality TV. What do you think of Team Eco Lovers’ green choices?

[Photo: Karen Tran Florals]

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