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Craigslist and eBay are great for finding items you want at a good price, but a new website called Givmo lets you give away or get used items for free…from anywhere in the U.S. All the person receiving the items has to do is pay for shipping. Givmo goes the extra mile by donating $1 to charity for each item given away through their service.

Hank D and the Bee: Solar + Wind = ____

Hank D and the Bee: Solar+Wind=____

What do you get when you add solar power and wind energy together? A good time and a cleaner future.

Feng Shui: The myths vs the facts

feng shui myths and facts

There are many misconceptions regarding feng shui, and it is actually a very complicated and scientific art form. It is through these misconceptions that feng shui can be practiced incorrectly, resulting in a belief that it is ineffective. Used properly, feng shui can help you create an eco-friendlier space and a healthier state of mind.

Josh Dorfman: Forget going green, go greenER

Josh Dorman goes greener, not green

Living “green” is so nebulous…but it’s also absolutist. Sure, that’s an oxymoronic juxtaposition. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. A theme that is central to our environmental point of view is that it is more beneficial to take steps towards living greenER, not living green. Josh Dorfman, “The Lazy Environmentalist”, feels the same way.

How and where to recycle your old mattress

recycle your old mattress

You know, you can write an ode for your mattress. You’ve kicked it around, rolled on it, slept on it, and done some more, and yet it has always been there to support you. It’s always there for you to fall back on. Now that it is old, you want to throw it away and buy a new mattress. But why not show your appreciation of it by recycling it?

Hank D and the Bee: Share Your Apples

Hank D and the Bee apple cartoon

ABC’s–Apples, Bees, Cartoons From Sustainablog: Sustainable Fruit Production: Eliminating “Shrink” From Ecolutionist: Vanishing of the Bees: Documentary Gets to the Bottom of the Growing Honeybee Decline Show ur love for green humor. Tweet “@GreenCartoons, I’m a #hankhead!” and share your favorite Hank D and the Bee cartoon with the twitterverse! кипр экскурсии отзывыкакой ноутбук лучше […]

Grow your own mini garden in an Altoids tin

Altoid tin garden

If you weren’t yet aware, Altoids tins have a pretty huge cult following among crafty DIYers. From adding some much needed fauna to a small space, to making your own fully functioning guitar, Altoids tins are the answer. Who’d have thought it, right?

Epic R2-D2 BBQ grill made from a 55 gallon barrel

R2-D2 barbecue grill

Grilling out can be a fun way to entertain a group of friends or even just yourself, but there is no doubt that the ranking geek in your crew will lose control of themselves at the site of your R2-D2 grill that you fashioned from an ugly old 55 gallon steel barrel. You could call it your R2-BQ. Who’s in?

Understanding home energy efficiency just got easier

Understanding home energy efficiency infographic thumbnail

Most people know that they can save both energy and money by making efficiency improvements at home, but things seem to get a little nebulous after that. This great infographic from WellHome uses the choices of two would-be homeowners to help us see some hard data as to how the choices we make around our homes impact its energy efficiency.

Hank D and the Bee: Republican Treehuggers

Hank D and the Bee: Republican Treehuggers

Almost no one would turn their back and a big pile of cash, but Hank D and his Bee think that if that cash were growing on trees, Republicans in the United States Senate might not be trying to abolish the EPA. It’s a thought.