2 last minute (and epic) Mother’s Day ecards

Mom Spam funny mothers day ecardsWhether you want to get all gushy and sappy or keep it lighthearted for Mother’s Day this year, we’ve got you covered. It may be a bit late to pick her up a nice gift (though Way Out Wax is offering 10% off their all natural candles through the end of May), but an awesome e-card can always be found on time.

Take the funny route with MomSpam

What better way to show your profound appreciation to the woman that projected you into the world via a narrow channel teaming with various bodily fluids and has since continued to flood your inbox with spammy forwards that are little more than that amniotic goop’s distant cousin than to strike back…with MomSpam, that is, not with bodily fluid of your own.

Mashable says,

It’s universally acknowledged: Moms are the biggest spammers out there. From chain letters to animal videos to police reports from your local paper, most of us get an inbox attack via Mommy Dearest at least once a day.

If you’re among those mentioned above (to be fair, my Mom sends me awesome articles about David Bowie and old bookstores, so I shouldn’t complain), you should probably check out Mom Spam. It’s basically a website that lets you choose what kind of spam you want to send Ma and then take aim and fire.

Check out the video:

Send your mom an ecard that makes a real difference

Women for Women has a creative Mother’s Day ecard option this year that helps another woman a half a world away. The campaign is called “Not Just Another Pretty Mother’s Day Card“.

Cool People Care says,

If you don’t have time to go organic for Mother’s Day, you still have a way to make an impact while getting a gift for Mom. Women for Women International offers a way to honor your mother while helping one half a world away. Simply click here to honor an amazing mother in your life and give a gift to a mother in a war-torn country by providing important things they need while looking to rebuild their lives. Just select a story, pick your card, email it to your mom, and make a donation that makes a difference.

So which direction are you going this year? You can always do both, ya know.

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