American Towns launches sister site

American Towns launches new Green Towns siteAmericanTowns is launching, a new online network that connects and celebrates green initiatives and their leaders, locally and nationally.  Through GreenTowns, residents of 15,000 towns and cities in the United States are invited to discover, share and support inspiring sustainability efforts in their community, between towns, and across a range of environmental concerns.

“We are adding a new dimension to the green landscape available online by featuring green initiatives that are working, spotlighting ways to get involved and sparking local interaction,” said Daphne Dixon, Director of GreenTowns. “By sharing the expertise and enthusiasm of both dedicated specialists and local citizens who care, GreenTowns will be a valuable resource and a catalyst for change, as it connects and supports local green efforts across the country.”

Building on the technology and communication tools that power — currently organizing and sharing information on hyper-local events, announcements, local resources and community organizations in 15,000 towns across America — features local sustainability initiatives that are searchable by location and category.  GreenTowns will also offer green community pages for each town in a feature called “How Green Is Your Town.” In partnership with Reader’s Digest, “How Green Is Your Town” will invite users to share additional local green initiatives and will help each community identify ways their town could become greener.  Initiatives of special note and the people leading them will also be featured on AmericanTowns community websites and, in select cases, in Reader’s Digest.

A broad range of environmental issues are brought together in including: building, energy, food, land and conservation, lifestyle, connections, recycling, transportation and water. Subject matter experts including Bob Vila, and category advisors will supplement content and facilitate conversations through blogs and the sharing of questions, information and support across topics and throughout the site.

For more on the story, check out The Green Living Guy.

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