Epic R2-D2 BBQ grill made from a 55 gallon barrel

R2-D2 barbecue grillThis one goes out to all my grill geek peeps out there. How cool would it be to make grill up your favorite veggies and/or meats on your own DIY R2-D2 grill this summer?

The debate rages on as to which type of grill (charcoal, natural gas/propane, or electric) is the most eco-friendly, but the good thing about this DIY barbecue grill idea is that you could make it to use any fuel source you want.

This project’s page on R2D2 Central says,

It is pretty well know that Philip Wise likes to build things, and here is another great example. This is what they call in the BBQ community, a Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS). Built from an old 55 gallon drum, it makes sense to dress it up a little, so it doesn’t ghetto up your yard. Of course Philip had a vision of his R2-BQ from the get go, and the photos above are proof of his hard work. Nothing but the best!

Did you catch that intentional misspelling in the 2nd to last sentence? R2-BQ, instead of R2-D2. Nice!

If your area has curbside recycling, you could give your R2-D2 grill a friendly cousin by converting your 96 gallon bin into an R2-D2 as well.

[Begins waving hand in mysterious manner] These are the droids you’re looking for. [ends waving hand in mysterious manner]

What is your favorite type of grill and what are your favorite foods to get sizzlin’ on it?

…and would you consider building your own R2-BQ?

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