Feng Shui: The myths vs the facts

feng shui myths and factsFeng shui is often misunderstood as an effective means of improving the elements of a person’s life including health, finances, and relationships. The fact that it is not properly understood has resulted in a lack of acceptance in many members of society. In order to rectify this situation it is important to highlight the myths surrounding feng shui, and to reveal the truth behind this ancient practice.

History of feng shui

Feng shui originated in China over three thousand years ago. Since then it has been developed and passed down from generation to generation. Therefore it has a longevity and robustness which would make it somewhat ignorant of the Western world to dismiss it out of hand.

There are many misconceptions regarding feng shui, and it is actually a very complicated and scientific art form. It is through these misconceptions that feng shui can be practiced incorrectly, resulting in a belief that it is ineffective.

Feng shui myths vs facts

Myth: Use of mirrors within the home are bad. Fact: Use of mirrors actually increase positive energy flow.

Many people believe that simply hanging mirrors in their house will reflect the negative energy away from the living area. However, mirrors will only improve a living space, and therefore increase the positive energy flowing through it, if they accentuate the overall style and décor.

Myth: It is imperative that every element within a house be positioned according to the ancient directional teachings. Fact: Feng shui can be used in common sense ways to make a space eco-friendlier.

For example, water features should not be placed in the west side of a building. There is some logic to positioning certain items in specific locations, for example in order to receive the benefit of the sun’s rays. These feng shui teachings should not be taken too literally, however, as home styles have changed considerably in the past three thousand years. It is now often impractical to follow these guidelines completely.

If somebody had the opportunity to be involved in the construction of as new house then they could certainly incorporate feng shui principles into that building. Many new homes these days are built to an eco-friendly design, and feng shui can assist in this. Buildings can be designed and positioned very specifically to utilize the elements to provide a cool living space in the summer and a warm one in winter.

Myth: Feng Shui is focused entirely on the design of interiors. Fact: Feng Shui is about promoting a clearer state of mind and general state of wellness.

This is actually very far from the truth, as the benefits of nature are absolutely crucial to feng shui. Practitioners understand the ability of experiencing nature to reduce stress levels, promote peacefulness, and improve general health. When people are unable to sample the outdoors it is always advisable to have a representation of nature in homes and offices in the form of living plants. These will contribute to a more pleasing living or work space.

Feng shui promotes healthy living in other ways too. Fresh air flowing through rooms and plentiful natural light are both important in feng shui, and both contribute to a healthier outlook. Moreover, the insistence in feng shui on having an uncluttered environment means that the stress felt when living in a mess every day is removed. The creation of a healthy environment is about much more than, for example, hanging crystals in the hope that they will ward off illnesses. Feng shui is at its very core about energy, and through its principles people can promote positive energy and therefore feel good and healthy within themselves.

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About this guest author: Feng Shui At Work was founded by Michael Schnippering in Dallas, Texas in 1999. We are committed to the true art and science of Feng Shui.  We offer our services in the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Colombia and Argentina.

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