Grow your own mini garden in an Altoids tin

Altoid tin gardenAltoids tins rock…and I mean they rock hard.

If you weren’t yet aware, Altoids tins have a pretty huge cult following among crafty DIYers. I’ve seen some pretty incredible projects made from Altoids tins, but I have yet to see them used for a mini garden…until now. Lifehacker says,

Aside from the tin itself, all you’d need to start a mini garden is a tissue to line the bottom, seeds, and water. Using actual soil opens the door to different gardening styles, and you could always go the dry route with pebbles and something like a succulent—then you wouldn’t have to worry about it getting watered over the weekends, either.

So if you’re looking for a way to bring a little flora into a dorm room, office, or any other small space, burn through the lining of your stomach by eating an entire tin of Altoids in one sitting, and then put that empty tin to good use.

What else can Altoids tins be used for?

Pretty much anything. Instructables users have detailed hundreds of projects using Altoids tins. Some of my favorites are:

What’s your favorite Altoids tin craft?

[Photo: Marque Cornblatt]

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  • Glenn

    use beads or small pebbles for a hydroponics twist. “Hookd on poncs, werked for me!”

    • Jeffrey Davis

       Nice idea Glenn! And +10 cool points for the Brian Regan reference. ;-)

  • Bonifantchris

    altoids saved me from starvation on the commute home tonight!!! 

    • Jeffrey Davis

       Lol. Glad they did Chris! Now what are you gonna do with the empty tin?