Toxin-free booze: Our organic tequila review

Organic tequila review Alquimia tequila Republic tequilaCinco de Mayo is just a couple of days away, and that means little more to most Americans than the provision of a great excuse to dive into our favorite Mexican spirit…tequila.

This year we set out to review as many of the organic tequila brands as possible (of whose number is less than ten), but unfortunately found it a bit difficult to get in contact with many of those brands.

I’m glad, however, that we were able to get in touch with one of the two “major” organic tequila brands available here in the United States, as well as a smaller brand that is just now expanding to markets in the U.S.

Which two brands were we able to get in touch with?

Republic Tequila, out of Austin, TX and Tequila Alquimia, out of Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico.

I’m so glad that these two brands responded, because one is a more American-ized version of organic tequila, and the other is a more traditional Mexican tequila.

A good mix to be sure. Unfortunately, that means that we really weren’t able to compare apples to apples. It would be the equivalent of comparing a bourbon whiskey to a scotch whiskey…they’re similar, but different by design.

Both brands sent us their 3 most common varieties to test: blanco/plata (white/silver), reposado (rested), and añejo (aged). It is important to note that all 3 varieties of both brands have won many awards in the past 2 years.

Why is organic tequila important?

Tequila is made from the agave plant. An agave plant has to be grown for 10 years before it is ready to be used in the making of tequila. Contrast that to the growing time of 6-12 months of wheat, barley, or sugarcane that is used to make other spirits and you’ve got a major factor at play. If you do NOT grow agave organically, you’ve got a product that has been exposed to 10 years worth of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers.

That’s not good…at all.

We’re not saying that any alcohol is “good for you”, but a spirit laden with lots of chemicals is most definitely worse than one that is not. Don’t you agree?

Our taste test

We’re fortunate to have some well-developed tequila palettes available to us here at Eco-Snobbery Sucks. Our review panel consisted of 8 people, 2 of whom really know their tequila, and the other 6 are a little more novice tequila tasters.

Let’s start with what our panel thought about the more traditional Mexican tequila.

Tequila Alquimia Blanco

  • Intense alcohol smell and taste
  • Intense burning sensation
  • Very rough (characteristic of traditional Mexican tequilas)
  • No distinct flavor

Tequila Alquimia Reposado

  • Still an intense presence of an alcohol smell and taste
  • Still no distinct flavor
  • Numbs the tongue

Tequila Alquimia Añejo

  • Smooth on tongue and throat
  • Slightly bitter
  • Thick
  • Taste of mellow spices
  • Warming

Next up is the more “American-ized” tequila, Republic Tequila.

Republic Tequila Plata

  • Peppery
  • Light
  • Generic-tasting

Republic Tequila Reposado

  • Balanced
  • Just “dirty” enough
  • Sweet
  • Smooth
  • Earthy
  • No real distinct or special flavor

Republic Tequila Añejo

  • Spicy
  • Smooth
  • Woodsy
  • Clean
  • Fruity on the back of the tongue
  • Pleasant aftertaste

The result…

Both brands’ añejo were highly favored, but all three varieties of the Republic Tequila brand were preferred over their counterparts Tequila Alquimia.

Our favorite organic margarita recipe was:

2 oz organic tequila
juice of 1 lime, freshly squeezed
1-2 tablespoons of agave nectar or bar syrup (depending on how sweet you like it)
[Optional] 2-4 tablespoons of water

Shake it over ice and serve over ice.

But be sure to check out these other two organic margarita recipes we posted for National Margarita Day back in February.

What organic tequilas have you had experience with? Which is your favorite?

Check out more pictures from our organic tequila tasting:Gallery not found. Please check your settings.

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