Portable knife and fork that morph into chopsticks

Knife and fork that combine to become spring loaded chopsticksI’m dubbing this the “super utensil”. With the exception of a thin soup, there is no cuisine that this reusable eating utensil can’t handle.

Unfortunately, it only seems to be a concept at this point. I hope the designers of this product, DesignWright, are listening because I would totally buy this knife/fork/chopstick combo if it were real.

According to Dornob, these transformer utensils are molded rubber with nylon grips and when combined to become chopsticks, they actually provide a spring action to eradicate any chopstick handling issues that those less dexterous of you may have.

(I can’t say that I relate, I’m a chopstick ninja.)

In addition to eliminating our dependency on plastic utensils, this hybrid utensil would also address what I call the disposable chopstick dilemma, in which the manufacturing of a mind-boggling number of disposable chopsticks is actually beginning to threaten various forests in China…but also employs hundreds of thousands of people.

At any rate, this clever utensil design remains little more than an awesome concept. Until it is realized, the be-all, end-all reusable and portable utensil of choice is most definitely the Australian splayd.

Check out my friend Starre Vartan explaining to me exactly what a splayd is and why everyone should have one in the video below.

What’s your favorite way to reduce the need for throw-away plasticware?

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  • Kevinkevinkevin

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! Who ever would have thought of a portable knife and fork? I mean it’s such a bind, and has been a major hinderance to the evolution of mankind, that up until now, your knife and fork had to stay in the kitchen.

    I would love to write more but I, I gotta go cry with admiration for these “Portable” delights. Who know what these crazy internet people will think of next, portable cups, maybe?

    • http://www.EcoSnobberySucks.com Jeffrey Davis

      How about portable LED lights. Those are rare too.

  • GH

    “Unfortunately, it only seems to be a concept at this point”

    This isn’t just a concept, it’s a real product manufactured by Lékué, a Spanish kitchenware brand.