How to make a sexy bikini from a t-shirt or leggings

sexy bikini bathing suitSummer isn’t even close to over…in fact, it’s just heating up.

I know all you chicas out there are on a constant hunt for the perfect, most flattering bikini (or other bathing suit), but if you’re having trouble finding it, just make your own from an old t-shirt or a pair of leggings you have stuffed in a drawer or a closet.

Now you can make sure it will look the best on all of your assets (get it? ASSets…).

Don’t believe me? What could a guy know about sexy, flattering, curve-hugging bikinis? Yeah, the obvious answer to that is…TONS.

Oh sure, I may not know what type of bikini or bathing suit looks good on this shape or that, but I know a good looking bathing suit when I see one in action.

Check out these awesome DIY bathing suit ideas from GiannyL. She is one of my favorite sources for great stylish DIY fashion ideas (you may remember her heart-themed thong from Valentine’s Day)…and she has no shortage of bikini and other bathing suit projects. And yeah, I’m gonna give them the official XY chromosome seal of approval.

Sure, you could follow this simple “teekini” design that Ecouterre posted about, but I personally think GiannyL’s designs are MUCH better looking.

Which is your favorite from the following designs?

Make a bikini from a t-shirt


T-shirt bikini with a twist


Make a bikini from a pair of leggings


Turn a t-shirt into a one piece bathing suit


2 ways to convert a t-shirt into a bathing suit cover up

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  • aejohnson

    I knew a shady character a few years ago who made bikinis out of Crown Royal bags. Now I realize she was a trendsetting eco-fashionista. My favorite is the swimsuit coverup, because none of the suits would fit my form, and I know my fashion limits. :)

    • Jeffrey Davis

      Ha ha. Nice! And yeah, I think it’d take a tad bit of skill to really get the perfect shape to a DIY bathing suit..not to mention the need of some type of lining or padding. I bet t-shirt material would leave little to the imagination once it get wet. lol.

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  • anna

    Jeffrey I think these are more for laying on the sand and being ogled :)  

    Can’t imagine how that would stretch and cling when wet, but if that’s what you’re going for – hey!