Porsche’s giant LED TV: Eco-snobbery or eco-epic?

You don’t have to live with less to live greener. Sure, everyone knows the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra – and it’s a great one indeed – but it’s not the only way to live greener.

Porsche seems to think that there’s more than one way to skin the green living cat too, because their new mammoth-sized LED TV could never be mistaken as an effort in “reducing”…in either price or in size.

The new 201-inch waterproof LED TV will set you back a cool $810,000. So the question I’m asking you is this: Do you think this is a grossly excessive example of eco-snobbery or is it a great way to help the mega-rich? Vote in the poll below and then check out the video of the TV in action.

[Source: BornRich, via Greenwala]

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  • Rick Harris

    Giant LED TV’s for public events (stadium screens etc) seem like an energy efficient & environmentally friendly product.  Giant screens for uber rich folks seem like extravagance but so does spending $5-$10 on a coffee drink.  Even hybrid Cadillac Escalades are a step in the right direction :-)

    • http://www.EcoSnobberySucks.com Jeffrey Davis

      That’s an awesome point about public events. And as far as hybrid Escalades go, they are definitely a step in the right direction…like this guy found out: http://youtu.be/Ave_o_hR6UU. lol.

  • Actiongirlnow

    If it gets people outside, I’d say that scores one for eco-friendliness. :D