Chic hanging candles made from wine bottles

Recycled Wine Bottle CandleWine bottles have so many uses…and containing tasty fermentation for your sipping pleasure is only one of them. We’ve talked about several awesome uses for empty wine bottles before, but this one definitely deserves a spot on that list as well.

Teena Stewart, the creator of these particular wine bottle candles says,

Each candle is hand cut from a recycled bottle, embellished with copper wire wrapped around a votive candle and suspended from a 2 3/4 (approx.) wire cable with an “s” hook which allows you to hang the wine bottle candle from the ceiling. To light your candle merely lift up the recycled glass bottle.

Each wine bottle with lights is ideal for outdoor use on decks, patios, and porches. Glass bottle helps protect the votive from the wind. The hanging bottles also make wonderful wedding and wedding reception decorations with an elegant touch.

Teena makes and sells these candles for $20 a piece, but if you’re feeling a little crafty, you could easily make some yourself. Imagine your deck or patio adorned with wine bottle tiki torches in tandem with these hanging wine bottle candles. Par-tay!

Who knows, maybe you could come up with your own take on these candles and sell them online, like Teena does. If you’re the one drinking all of the wine (hey, you’ve gotta get empty wine bottles somehow right?), you could even use the corks as eco-friendly packing peanuts.

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