Green beer guide for International Beer Day

Mmmm, beer!If you need one more excuse to get your drink on as the week ends, then you should know that it’s International Beer Day.

By the way, I think Michelob Ultra or Bud Light can barely be classified beer. Beer should be flavorful, colorful, and hoppy (but not overly-so). So why not graduate from your the cheap domestic pitches you may normally slam down with your buddies at the bar and branch out to a better beer.

What makes a better beer? In my experience, beer that has been made locally (micro-brew) or is sustainably brewed or certified organic has the best flavor and drinking experience.

Some of my favorite organic, or sustainable, or microbrew beers

  • New Belgium
  • Yazoo
  • Samuel Smith Organic Lager
  • Bison Brewing
  • Sierra Nevada Brewing Co

If you’re really adventurous, you could even dive into the home brew beer trend.

What’s your favorite local, organic, or sustainable beer and will do you have any (or will now be making plans to) get in on some International Beer Day action?

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[Photo: Flickmor/Flickr]

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  • Glenn Fay

    Wolavers, organic beer from Otter Creek Brewing in Vermont is worth a try!