Greenwala debuts a new, innovative, eco Marketplace

Greenwala's new Marketplace feature is a revolutionary new way to sell your products or servicesThere are lots of great ways to sell your products or services on the internet, but most of them come with a mountain of cost to your business.

If your business slants more towards the greener side of the market, wants to change that…and they’re doing a good job.

So what makes Greenwala’s new Marketplace different than Etsy, eBay, Amazon, or the host of other online shopping cart solutions? A lot, actually. I asked the CEO of Greenwala what set the Greenwala Marketplace apart from the rest, and here is what he told me…

10 Great things about the new Greenwala Marketplace

1. No risk. It is free to create. No hidden fees, no listing fees at all. Greenwala only makes money when you make money.

2. Greenwala will actively help you promote your store at no additional cost on Facebook, Twitter and in their newsletter.

3. Simple and easy to use. Setup time to create your store and add 1 product the first time should be no more than 30 minutes.

4. Full social media integration on every product page with Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Reddit.

5. Ability to create your own “Groupon like” deal. You manage your own deal. You control the quantity you want to sell, the price and length of the deal. After you create your store and add a product, it literally takes 2-3 minutes to create your own Deal Of The Day.

6. Always know what’s happening with stores and products with the “Follow” feature. Fan of a particular store? Just click the FOLLOW button under the logo of the business and you will get real time notifications on price changes, new products, etc…

7. YouTube capability. Greenwala has a standard media gallery that you control, however they went one step further and added the ability for you to add YouTube videos to the gallery. If you have videos of your product in action or a message from you the store owner, add it there.

8. Easy to navigate and a “Smart” category system. Don’t see a category for your product, don’t worry. When you sign up, and go to add your product, you will be asked to select categories. There are hundreds to help you narrow the path for your product.

9. You can sell services on Greenwala. Last time I checked, you can’t sell services on Amazon. So if you are a Yoga studio, not only can you sell your yoga mat, ball, etc… you can also sell an hour of your class time. If you are a LEED consultant, simply go in to the system and from your dashboard click on Add A Service.

10. Done buying? Well you can still hang around and participate in Greenwala by reading the tens of thousands of pages of green content, watch other videos, post an event, start a group, and Take Action with petitions and their point system

That list is pretty impressive and looks as if the Greenwala Marketplace has a hugely helpful and innovative feature set. Whether you’re a big brand, small crafter, or have a service to sell, you should go over to the Greenwala Marketplace and set up your store right now. The exposure to their huge user base makes it worth creating a store all by itself.

What do you like the most from the above list of Greenwala Marketplace features?

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