How to shift gears on your bike…with your mind

Shift gears on your bike by thinking itYou’d expect a clever pun and funny video to follow with a title like this right? But you’d be wrong.

This technology is real.

It’s been over a decade since the Prius hit the roads and Deeplocal — a Pittsburgh-based design group — wanted to bring the same level of innovation to a bike that the Prius brought to the auto world when it debuted.

This crazy technology is part of Toyota’s Prius Projects contest and I must say, it would definitely get my vote!

Deeplocal and Toyota partnered with bike builder Parlee Cycles to pull the whole thing off. And they actually did pull it off. That said, I’m kinda with the cool cats at Geekologie. They said,

You know, or you could flick the little levers with your thumbs. “THAT’S ARCHAIC!” You’re right. God, what was I thinking? STUPID STUPID STUPID!

Ha ha. Too true. What do you think? Is this concept crazy cool but still over-kill or is it a great way to begin innovating the future of cycling?

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