Revolights: Sexy wheel-mounted LED bicycle lights

Practicality meets need and sexiness in this awesome bicycle light systemMost car on bicycle crime happens between the hours of 5pm and midnight. Lack of visibility is the obvious culprit behind such violence.

But the inventors behind Revolights are hoping to help end such car on bike assault…and they’re launching their bicycle lighting revolution with a clever campaign and an oh-so-sexy product!

But they need our help…

The Revolight team has a Kickstarter campaign running to help fund the last stages of development in order for this epic fusion of form and function to actually go into production by the end of this year.

You can pledge as little as $5 or upwards of $250+, but pledging at least $200 will reserve a shiny new set of Revolights that will ship to you once they go into production.

Check out the lights in action and the inspiration behind the design in the video below.

I wonder if the inventors took a page from Project Aura‘s book. Project Aura is pretty sweet, but Revolights’ directional focus of the light once the wheels spin up, combined with the familiar tail light red and headlight white color scheme is definitely a more clever design.

Would you spend $200 on a set of bicycle lights like this and do you feel like they would help you stay safer on the road?

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