Thwart car break-ins with a DIY fake recycling box

Sometimes I feel like I live out of my car. Anyone else? With the busyness of life I sometimes leave valuable items – electronics – in plain view of would-be thieves.

This simple but ingenious DIY project is a great way to keep car-bound valuables disguised as a a box of recycling using….items you’re already going to be recycling. Double win!

A clever way to disguise valuables in your car as nothing but a box of recycling

Kentin Waits from WiseBread has the instructions on how to craft such a simple security device. He says,

I took an old cardboard box that was about 18” wide and 22” tall and created a false top for it. I cut the false top from another piece of sturdy flat cardboard and made it roughly the same dimensions as the top opening of the box. Next I took miscellaneous scrap cardboard pieces from other boxes, folded them vertically, and stapled them to each other using a heavy-duty staple gun. I then attached the stapled pieces to the false top with hot glue.

The goal was to create a “cap” that looked as if the box was packed with scrap cardboard and paper destined for the recycling bin. The top sits about 3” deep inside the box and fits tightly enough to not shake off during normal travel. Finally, I labeled the box “Recycle” just to drive the point home.

What would you store in such a DIY security device?

[Via LifeHacker]

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