Grow herbs in a recycled wine bottle

Grow herbs in a recycled wine bottleJust because the weather in the Northern hemisphere is turning cooler, doesn’t mean you have to stop gardening. There are all kinds of fall and winter garden ideas, but one of the simplest is just to bring your garden inside.

What more stylish way is there to do that than to grow some herbs in recycled wine bottles?

The Herb Grow Bottle is a kit you can buy that will allow you to have one such windowsill garden…and a chic one to boot. EnviroGadget has the low down on how the Herb Grow Bottle works,

The herb kit uses a wool felt to act as a wick, drawing the water and nutrients (included) up to the plant. Clay pebbles are used to help secure the plant and hold moisture, along with vermiculite to help the seeds to sprout as it will hold moisture better for young seedlings. Each kit contains a few organic seeds of the type of herb you wanted, there are many herbs available, basil, chives, mint, oregano, and parsley.  Once done with your chosen herb plant, the kit can be cleaned out, the clay pebbles and bottle rinsed and reused, replacement kits are available supplying fresh vermiculite, wool felt wick, nutrients and of course fresh seeds.

But why buy when you can build?

At $35 each, you might expect your Herb Grow Bottle to come filled with wine you get to drink first. But you’d be wrong. If you do happen to be a wine drinker you can put just a little bit of DIY elbow grease into the job and make your own Grow Bottle for $6.

You don’t have to make your own wool felt or anything, you can just use one of your empty wine bottles (which are good for ALL kinds of DIY projects) and turn it into a Grow Bottle with a $6 replant kit.

(You can also use your old wine corks as eco-friendly packing peanuts.)

If you’re going to build your own Grow Bottle from an empty wine bottle you have laying around, you should definitely check out this video on how to very easily, simply, and safely cut a wine bottle (note that you do NOT need the $45 dollar tool the guy mentions in the video….a simple carbide blade glass cutter will suffice).

Whether you buy or build a Grow Bottle, you’ll be harvesting tasty herbs right from your windowsill all winter long. What are your favorite cool weather gardening tips or tricks?meadowbrook lakes dania beach flbanc de binary ipadtoday exchange rate in tanzaniaраскрутка сайтарецепты стейков из свининыпосмотреть индексацию сайтаденьги в долг срочно бресткредитная карта кукуруза в евросетикредит в банке пойдемкредит липецкгуманитарныетехнология укладки половой доскипроверить сайт на тиц и принструмент для укладки ламината купитьvzlom-pochtyvzlom-facebook.comкак проверить пинг - reusables for every part of your life
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