Boo! Why Halloween candy doesn’t scare me

halloween candy

Halloween is an event where this kale-serving mother looks the other way, pretending she doesn’t see that red ring of high fructose corn syrup circling her son’s mouth. She figures his diet most of the year balances out these days of intense unhealthiness.

Hank D and the Bee: Hank’s Halloween Costume

Hank D and the Bee: Hank's Halloween Costume

Yep, that’s a Jeff McIntire-Strasburg mask–Sustainablog founder, Sundance Channel contributor, and the person who got me my cartooning start! The mask may be niche, but the man is a superstar (unlike Scary Rick Perry)! More info for a “Green Halloween” From NaturalPapa: Reverse Trick or Treating: Help End Exploitation of Children in Cocoa Industry From […]

How to make your own realistic Werewolf legs

DIY werewolf legs

Taking an afternoon to construct your own “digitigrade stilts” will make even the simplest werewolf costume a prize-winner. You could also use this design to make a faun, minotaur, dragon, or any other costume that requires looking like a four-legged animal that is standing up on its hind legs.

A traditionalist’s guide to a green Thanksgiving

How to green your Thanksgiving...realistically.

It would be just like a Norman Rockwell painting. Big turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, all the trimmings. I would prepare a feast to die for and everybody would congratulate me afterwards. How hard could it be? Shortly before the guests arrived I realized I’d left the giblets in the festive bird’s rear end. For 6 […]

Five ways to give locally

Small change adds up

My mom, a breast cancer survivor, stopped donating to Susan G. Komen for the Cure after discovering they spent over a million dollars last year in lawsuits against smaller groups who used the phrase “for the cure” to promote local fundraisers. This triggered last week’s ruminations about breast cancer awareness here and on my own […]

Former Starbucks barista petitions for Fair Trade

Starbucks Fair Trade Certified coffee

Starbucks is facing a petition against their lack of Fair Trade Certified options in the United States…and one spear-headed by a former barista, nonetheless. But should they really care about their lack of Fair Trade certified products?

Easy to make wine bottle Jack-o-Lantern

How to make your own wine bottle jack-o-lantern

Scare the juice right out of your favorite grapes with some of these awesome DIY wine bottle Jack-o-Lanterns. A cool thing about this project is that, unlike many of our other wine bottle DIY ideas, you don’t have to wait until the wine bottles are empty. Of course using empty ones works too. Read on for the how-to instructions.

Breast cancer awareness: What the pink ribbon ignores

Are environmental issues the cause of breast cancer?

Researchers have identified 216 chemicals that cause mammary tumors in animals and admit the need for better assessment in humans. They argue for integrating these findings into policies that govern chemical exposure. It’s an approach that concentrates on prevention rather than cure. So what are we waiting for?

Fool bike thieves with this handy water bottle lock

kuat bottle lock

Bike locks can be bulky, heavy, and downright hard to carry. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had one that fit perfectly into the existing storage space on your bike — say, your water bottle rack?

Hank D and the Bee: Bee’s band broke up

Hank D and the Bee: Bee's band broke up

CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) is ultimately what brought down Bee’s band, ABeeCD. Gibson’s illegal logging didn’t help either. Read on to learn a bit more about what CCD is, how Gibson got into hot water for their logging practices, and to have a knee-slapping laugh at the rest of this cartoon.