3 ways to green your Halloween

green halloween pumpkinHalloween is just around the corner again (I know, I can hardly believe it).

And since you care about the environment (i.e. clean air, clean water, a livable climate, biodiversity, etc), you probably want to know how you can have a fun Halloween without killing too many people or animals, right?

Well, I’ve got a few ideas to share that I hope will help you out.

1. Endangered Species Chocolate

No, I’m not talking about endangered species coated in chocolate. That would be totally wrong. I’m talking about fair trade, organic chocolate bars from Endangered Species Chocolate.

So, why the name? The company donates 10% of its net profit to programs that support the protection of species, habitat, and humanity. Cool stuff.

The company even has a couple of Halloween chocolates now. Delicious, fun chocolate options.

Of course, being in the midst or on the brink of the 6th mass extinction in the history of the world, endangered plants and animals all over the world need our help. This is a simple, fun way to give it.

(Alternatively, if you want to try making some sweets, you could try making a vegan cookie pie or vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, using organic, fair trade, and maybe even endangered species chocolate.)

2. Fruits and Vegetables Rock Too

If you want to be a real rebel, you can always skip the processed sweets altogether and hand out good, old-fashioned fruits and vegetables instead.

Local, organic fruits and veggies are about the most eco-friendly thing you can eat. And they’re healthy for you too!

Go and get some local and/or organic fruits and veggies at your local health food store or Whole Foods. (but maybe bike or take the bus there instead of trying to find a parking space).

3. Global Warming Costume

The effects of global warming are tremendous. Global warming is one of the “scariest” things facing humanity these days, if not the scariest.

You can bring more attention to the matter, perhaps, by dressing up as a burning globe (but, probably best not to use real fire) or a polar bear or a climate science graph. (Sorry, only ideas — I don’t have the instructions for how to make such costumes…yet.)

Alternatively, you could actually bring attention to global warming solutions, such as solar power or wind power, by dressing up like a solar panel or wind turbine. (I’m sure some Tea Partiers will find a way to spin that in the wrong way, but I think it’s a fun idea that would cause more benefit that harm.)

Or, you could just dress up like an evil Captain Planet.

Any more fun ideas for ways to green your Halloween?

[Photo: mira mira on the wall/Flickr]

About this guest author: Zachary Shahan is the Director of Cleantechnica.com, a leading site for clean energy news and commentary, and Planetsave.com, a top green site covering climate science, global warming politics and activism, and fun ways to green your life.

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  • http://www.geodesic-greenhouse-kits.com Stacey

    I must have been ahead of the times! I dressed as an “Environmental Protestor” when I was a kid back in the early 90′s. I wore a sandwich board with “save the whales” and “save the rainforest”. Not many of my suburban neighbors got it. Now the reward is knowing I was setting a trend!