How to make your own realistic Werewolf legs

DIY werewolf legsIt’s just a few days from Halloween and you’re still struggling to come up with a great costume that isn’t made of cheap plastic, will win a costume contest, but will also keep your wallet full of cash.

Taking an afternoon to construct your own “digitigrade stilts” will make even the simplest werewolf costume a prize-winner. You could also use this design to make a faun, minotaur, dragon, or any other costume that requires looking like a four-legged animal that is standing up on its hind legs.

There are several great plans on the internet for digitigrade stilts, but I have taken the best of all of them, added some even further improvements of my own, and put them together in one design.

Last Halloween I spent hours upon hours pouring over all of the videos and blueprints I could find on the interwebs as I set out to make my own awesome werewolf costume.

Most of the plans you’ll find are based on this popular design from the YouTube user gryphern, but I wanted something that would hold up for the long haul and actually be decently comfortable to walk in all night.

…and that wouldn’t empty my wallet.

I built these stilts for under $50 for the pair (though I did have the lumber laying around my garage already). Check them out.

The only modification I’ve made to these stilts this year is to replace the piece that supports the ball of my foot with a piece of 2×4, mitered to an angle that makes it as though i’m standing on the ball of my foot on the flat ground. It is much more comfortable to walk in for extend periods than the small piece in the video…which was cut at an improper angle anyway.

I’m playing with the idea of cutting down the triangular supports between the foot plate and the piece of wood my shoes are screwed to, but if I cut them down too much I’ll have a hard time not falling backwards…or will at least walk on the back edge of the footplate.

Check out Gryphern’s original design to see the difference. I recommend using my design or their design as a starting place for your own AWESOME stilts.

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