Fool bike thieves with this handy water bottle lock

Kuat bottle lockBike locks can be bulky, heavy, and downright hard to carry. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had one that fit perfectly into the existing storage space on your bike — say, your water bottle rack?

Now you can. I’m taking a break today from my regular wedding blog to tell you about a really cool new product I’ve had the opportunity to test out this month that has nothing to do with “I do.”

The Bottle Lock by Kuat (“koo-at,” a 4-year-old company known for its innovative bike rack designs), available November 1, looks like an ordinary 16-ounce water bottle built for a bike rack. But don’t try to fill this baby with liquids: It’s actually a tightly coiled cable that, when extended fully, reaches five feet and can warp through the bike’s frame and around both tires, plus whatever you’re locking it to.

The bottom portion is removable, so you can stash the keys (and some cash or other loose odds and ends) in there while you’re biking. When you’re finished locking it up and ready to ride again, you just twist the top to wind the cable back up.

Sure, it’s no heavy-duty U-lock, and it’s not the best choice for very high-risk situations — but for $34, it’s a nice option to have when you’re running errands or parking your bike in a low-crime area. And it looks pretty snazzy, too!

Of course, it’s no fun to get stuck without adequate fluids. So if you’re planning on adding this gadget to your gear collection, get a second water bottle rack, as well.


kuat bottle lock

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